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POSTED June 17, 2020

The world thrives with technological advancements, and technology has changed how we buy, sell, share, and even how we sign. From small business to industrial giants, agreements and signatures are an integral part of the day to day business aspects. With that said, businesses spend a lot of time and money to get the signatures they need. Imagine all the hours spent on waiting for a client’s signature or an employee traveling back and forth for hours just to obtain a signature. It’s disruptive to the workflow. Luckily, like always, technology had a solution for it – Electronic signatures.

Electronic signatures bring countless benefits to business, and in this article, we break down how it helps you streamline your business in some vital departments.

Human Resource Department

The HR department is one of the few departments that handle a lot of paperwork. Employee contracts, personal information handbooks, insurance data, and other paperwork make an HR professional's life a nightmare. Going all-digital can be very productive and can ensure the utmost safety. Plenty of time will be saved, especially in the recruitment process, where the candidate can sign the contracts from anywhere and anytime. Also, the need to scan the physical document before filing away is eliminated. Just send out the contract in the mail, get them signed, and file it. This advantage is a game-changer for staffing agencies, which recruit many candidates in short notice.

Sales Department

Technology that speeds up the sales cycle is a golden ticket every business is searching for. Every department's efforts will go in vain if you aren’t able to get your contracts signed. A physical contract's limitation can delay your paperwork processing. Simplifying the final and most crucial step of the business is the key to closing more deals. Electronic signatures do that for you. Regardless of the customer's location and time, contract signing can happen in minutes, and the sales cycle can spin even faster.

Finance Department

Finance can easily be the most paper-laden department with a vast number of invoices, approvals, and contracts flowing through every working hour. There are many signatures involved for budget approval, and it takes a considerable amount of time. The process involves numerous people and departments, and there are high chances of documents resting on someone's desk for days to make it through. Moreover, it takes enormous efforts to track a physical record throughout the process of approval, mainly if there are a lot of needed signatures. eSign applications create a digital workflow to ease the process. Documents are tracked through the approval process, and alerts are sent to the concerned signer involved. Since everything is digital, documents move across faster and get back to the appropriate person faster as well.


Cost reduction, performance improvement, and saving time are critical aspects for which businesses infuse technology into their workflow. eSign increases efficiency for any department where there is a need for a signature. The ability to sign or get signed any document from anywhere, anytime on any device, is an additional business trick you should equip your business with. Discover more about Electronic signatures here.

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