Date Tracking Application

Manage Education, Registration, Skills, Immunization, Health Tests, Licenses and Certificates.

Comprehensive Date Tracking Solutions

Date Tracking Application is a feature-rich credentialing and management solution for provider. It has everything you need to effectively manage provider information data collection and management with or without paper. Our credential tracking automated the credential management and re-credentialing process.

Application Highlights


Initial Credentialing

  • Admin set up & Updating credentials in date tracking applications
  • Setting Centralized Verification Unit
  • Comprehensive Par/Non-Par Analysis
  • Missing Elements Review to ensure that you have all documents required to enroll your physicians
  • Extensive Payer Contacts to escalate processing issues
  • Multiple standard and ad hoc reporting options to track and trend all stages in the physician credentialing life cycle
  • Compilation of all Provider Identification Numbers (PINs) for easy billing system entry


  • Conduct all re-credentialing services based on insurance plan requirements
  • 100% Quality Assurance
  • Application and Signature Page Consolidation and Management
  • Use of UPS, FedEx and/or Certified Mail to track and trend mailed applications
  • Dedicated Application Follow-up to ensure that are payers are actively processing your applications
Credential management

Credential Management

  • Pro-Actively Monitor Document Expiration (e.g., license, DEA registration, board certification)
  • Conduct all CAQH Re-Attestations (every 120 days)
  • Expiring Document Report Analysis to ensure that you know in advance when a document is going to expire
  • Group credentials management system: Easy to group credential based on Department, employee level, location and skill sets
  • Extensive Payer Contacts to escalate processing issues
  • Easy to make department Manager / line manager more responsible to manage their team member credential
  • Easy to integrate with leading software such as Lawson, Kronos, Workday, Infor, PeopleSoft, etc.