What is a Client Portal and Why Your Company Needs One?

POSTED October 12, 2020

Collaboration tools are a vital part of business as they streamline communication within your organization and with your clients. And believe it or not, communication can, make or break business. If you work directly with your clients, then you know how important it is to track project reports and deliverables.

If you send files through email, important attachments can slip through the cracks and get lost or buried in the inbox. How easy will it be to find a document sent a year ago? How often will you get lost in the land of uncertainty when dealing with loads of continuous document sharing?

Adding to all these drawbacks of general document sharing, there is a question that arises every time: The level of security. You can’t afford to risk security when you share business critical information and invoices to your clients. Any mishaps can damage you and your customers.

So in this article, we assembled all the game-changing aspects of having a client portal at your disposal.

The Benefits of a Client Portal for Your Business

Unified platform for all client communications

A single platform to manage all client interactions, including bills/invoices, engagement letters, white papers and marketing materials. Improve response time and productivity levels.

Build brand identity

Give your clients the extra reliability with the client portal environment, branded with your company logo and colours, even down to the URL your clients use to login.

Enterprise-grade security

Two-Factor Authentication or more powerful security protocols in place and 256-bit encrypted data exchanges completely eliminate the risk of data breach

Collaboration at its best

The Client portal helps you to simplify your client collaboration, through complete visibility on what files have been requested, received, uploaded or to-be-processed, with full audit trials.

Dashboards to track everything

Analytical dashboards featured in client portal softwares like ArcPortal, help you and your partners to gain complete control over work progression. Powerful performance reports give you the competitive advantage of being on top of your business. Determine which projects need attention and which ones are on time and budget

Customization down to the last nut

Client portals can be customized end-to-end to make it look like a more natural extension of your brand. Tweak the look and feel of the portal by adding visual elements to match your website design.

Flexible and error free

Automated scanning and filing of documents eliminates human errors and saves you hours and hours of time. Check and approve all the documents on the go with our cloud operated application from anywhere on any device.

Get Organized with projects

Organizing projects is a lot more simple with Client Portal. You can manage projects and tasks, streamlining team collaboration on the go. It gives a more structured and systematic view of your duties and projects enabling you to easily monitor your deadlines and save the time and money spent on every project

Get organized with projects with the help of dashboards and reports. View client info, contacts, invoices and associated projects from one location — an effective way of organizing information on a single page to give a quick insight.

Efficient workflows with an efficient client portal

Streamline your workflow with a client portal and stay productive. Increase the visibility of job completion and ensure compliance. Get a clear view of your workflows, track job completion times, and identify areas for improvement and fine-tuning. ArcPortal offers you the power for continual process improvement helping you identify bottlenecks in your workflow, enabling you to make timely adjustments.

With a powerful client portal like ArcPortal, your business would be on the path to success.

So, are you ready to change trajectory with the Arc?

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