One stop solution for business in a pandemic

POSTED NOV 09, 2020

COVID 19 and the fallout that has followed has had global organizations scrambling to cover and looking for contingency plans - plans they had to make on the go.

So, what contingency plan could guarantee immunity against the virus, for now and for the future? One we have been talking about for ages now: Digital Transformation.

Just another fad word, right? Think again!

"Many people are making unplanned, rapid shifts in a very short period of time, with the majority of change being getting nearly everyone into a remote workforce situation. With that comes many changes to people, processes and technology. Several of the challenges that we see highlighted with that are causing us to take a step back and look at the broader organizational cyber hygiene."

-Deborah Golden, Cyber Risk Services leader, Deloitte US

This is the era of the Digital, and to keep our businesses abreast with the changing times, we have to learn to embrace the digital tech of now and the future.

So what aspects of business does this effect? Here is a list of problem areas where you must apply the concepts of Digital transformation.

1. Remote work and collaboration

Organizations are increasingly moving towards remote work and remote collaboration with about 36. 74% of companies planning to shift some of their employees to remote working permanently according to Gartner.

This calls for technologies that are going to help with better collaboration and work efficiency. But we can’t always rely on external clients like Zoom and Dropbox to get work done. Building an in-house solution, or choosing a customisable solution like Archarina’s ArcMeeting, might be more prudent in the long run.

2. Passwords and Security

One of the greatest problem areas for organizations to navigate and secure (excuse the expression), cybersecurity is directly impactful on workforce productivity. From Unified Password softwares to SSO softwares, it is of paramount importance, in the COVID era, to secure all hatches.

66% have not been provided with new password management guidelines, which could be why 35% are still reusing passwords for business accounts.

3. Document Management and Cloud Storage

Another very important aspect of business – storage and document management for employees to easily share, manage, and version documents. An efficient document management system can be the decider for the success or failure of your business in the COVID era.

4. Customer Relationship Management

A strong CRM is the backbone of the sales strategy of any organization. From Seamless coordination between sales resources, faster marketing campaigns, increased customer satisfaction, to better cross-department cooperation.

Employing a full-fledged CRM from a reliable source like Archarina would be the key to sales success at your organization.

"A CRM can help you increase sales by up to 30%"

5. Customer Support

A fully responsive customer service available 24/7 for all customers is a godsend for the health of any organization.

Employing a full-fledged CRM from a reliable source like Archarina would be the key to sales success at your organization.

57% of customers ranked call support as their initial channel preference for flexible communication, wanting an opportunity to ask, explain, reason or negotiate with customer service.

The advantages of Digital Transformation are far more widespread than this, and easily available for any organization to adopt. But where do you start? How do you centralize all your efforts and avoid the risk of creating silos in your remote work environment?

Simple, get in touch with one of our experts, who can set up all of this for you.

Get over with Archarina – a One Stop Shop for all your digital transformation needs.

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