How to accelerate digital transformation in organization

POSTED July 03, 2020

Digital transformation is never easy, even for experts and for any industry. The most common question is, where do we start? But that's exactly where the uncertainty lies. Every company who wants digital transformation will have their own strategy and would define a progression path. But, there are some paths along the way that could help reach the digital destination sooner than expected. The digital achievers guide one such path within your organization

But, who are these digital achievers?

Digital achievers are everywhere in your organization. They aren’t only IT professionals but can be found in every department in your business. In simple words, digital achievers are employees who can adapt and thrive with digital changes and can effortlessly work with colleagues, even from other departments. They are the key to accelerating digital transformation within your organization.

Digital achievers can be brought to light with:

  • Collaboration across different business and technology disciplines
  • Rapid experimentation and supportive culture of learning
  • Using technology to increase the pace and accelerating innovation
  • Emphasizing the knowledge of the power of data

The next task after discovering digital achievers is to effectively use their skills to accelerate digital transformation in your business. The following five things can be of help.

Build Teams

Teaming up a group of digital achievers of different business disciplines has been the key to successful digital transformation for many organizations. A blended group of technologist digital achievers and business digital achievers can work effectively with the former can work with data, patterns, and techs. At the same time, the latter can predict and understand how it will impact operations and processes. These small groups of digital achievers can accelerate business regardless of the industry type

Provide Them with the Data

Naturally, digital achievers are curious people who like challenges and experiments to solve complex problems. And in today's technology influenced world, you need data to solve any business problem. If the digital achiever's knowledge and curiosity is fuelled with the right business insights, many areas of development can be unlocked, and more innovation can be infused into the business workflow.

Give Them Time

When the task is enormous, it’s hard to push forward rapidly. Allow digital achievers to break more significant tasks into multiple short term targets and advance through them one by one. Support them to create quickly rather than aiming for something perfect and thoroughly verified. Perfection can be achieved over time.

Let Them Experiment and Fail

The fear of failure can hinder progress. Inconsistent and slow progression is harmful to a business in terms of productivity and money invested. Equipped with innovative ideas and experimenting abilities, digital achievers perform better in environments that permit and support failures. Eventually, success is not very far for those who fail fast and learn from it.

Provide Them with What They Need

When accelerating DT in your organization or any other performance-improving process, you must equip your employees with the right tools to make it happen. Take advantage of the existing technologies to drive progress without affecting the business workflow. If provided with the needed support and tools, digital achievers can thrive your digital transformation efforts by not only performing better but also helping everyone to product their best work and build a robust and efficient digital system.

Ask for Feedback

During the initial stage of your digital transformation strategy, it's essential to ask for frequent feedback. The most effective way to ask for feedback is to conduct a survey, analyze data for each pilot project, or to do all of those activities multiple times. The most effective strategy involves analyzing everything you can about the pilot project and get feedback before you implement it on a large scale.

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