E-sign to reduce costs for small business

POSTED Augest 03, 2020

Reduced Costs for Small Business

The next task after discovering digital achievers is to effectively use their skills to accelerate digital transformation in your business. The following five things can be of help.

In this article, let's see how e-sign reduce operational cost for small business.

Small Businesses Have Small Budgets

Small businesses don’t have a huge budget when it comes to operational costs. Unlike their industry leader counterparts, they thrive with a minimal budget. Saving even a single dollar with cutting-edge tech is essential. Money saved somewhere is money invested elsewhere, when it comes to small business.

By using electronic signatures, a small business can save on paper, printing, and storage costs. The printing alone can be hundreds of dollars a month, which includes printer maintenance and refilling. The paper-based process also includes shipping or transportation expenses. A busy small business can save money if they choose to go paperless with electronic signatures. Its definitely one of the most affordable options for businesses that strive for digital transition.

Productivity is Profitability

Small businesses not only operate on smaller budgets but also on a relatively smaller workforce. The cost-saving benefits of e-signatures include fast and easy document access to the customers who can provide an online signature. You don't need to employ someone to manage all these transactions and travel to get the signatures on time, especially if you do business overseas. That gives you more time to close deals while saving money.

With electronic signatures, you can maintain comprehensive control over any process of approval and signing. This eliminates crucial errors to a great extent that can sometimes need complete rework and additional resources.

Time is Money

E-signatures save time on business transactions. Swift and productive workflow of e-sign makes business approvals and signatures less time-consuming tasks. Also, managing and tracking multiple projects is seamless, which generally takes more time and resources.

Tasks such as drafting a document can consume more time if no essential tools are available. Engagement letter tools combined with e-signature solutions can make a huge difference in handling document preparation and signatures, reducing the turnaround time of document approvals.

Contracts that need multiple signatures usually take days for turnaround. With e-signature capabilities, it can be done in a few hours. This helps to speed the sales cycle and resulting in faster payments. Faster payments from contracts mean considerable savings on the overhead costs that a business has to bear before receiving payments.

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