Integrated document management + secure client portals

Streamline Accounting Firms workflow, strengthen client ties and maintain a competitive edge.

Give your CPA’s the Document management and automation solution they need to work smarter

A complete Document Management Software that allows you to Capture, Centralize, Manage, and Secure all your paper documents, electronic files and emails. Access your data outside your office using any Web Browser or go mobile.

Employees email two or more documents a day to an average of five people for review, which CREATES 10 NEW DOCUMENTS PER DAY THAT ARE OFTEN STORED IN MULTIPLE LOCATIONS. (Source:, 2011)

Manage, Route & Retrieve document on the go - Increase professional staff productivity on average by 30%

  • Stay on top on the client information
  • Instant Access: Documents and other items can be found and opened almost instantly. No more delays while you hunt for client files and folders using power search option.
  • Inbuilt Client Portal: Single System allowing you to manage all aspects of document exchange, approval, work product delivery (published document) with clients.
  • Digital Workflows and Integrations
  • Predefined Workflow: Our DMS Systems is developed with the predefined workflow to support 1040, Billing/Invoicing, Audit, Client Collaboration, etc.
  • Collaboration: Everyone engaged on a client job has instant, simultaneous access to all client files, no matter where they’re working.
  • Partner Control: Partners and managers can check progress status of allocated work. Filter by date to show today, this week and month to date etc.

Professionals spend 50% of their time searching for information, and take 18 minutes to locate each document on average. (Source: Gartner)

Collect & Store Documents in minutes

  • Deal with all sources of information
  • Emails :Capture email documents in a centralized location rather than spread across.
  • Paper documents : – Scan documents (Inbuilt OCR) in bulk with the highest degree of accuracy. The system automatically recognize (Such as Balance Sheet, Tax return, Income Statements, etc.) , converts documents to PDF and files them in the appropriate location based on recognition within DMS.
  • Integration
  • Outlook Integration : Staff can file emails and attachments directly from Outlook with single click. An in-built document viewer allows rapid previewing of stored files.
  • Collaboration: Everyone engaged on a client job has instant, simultaneous access to all client files, no matter where they’re working.
  • Microsoft Office integration : Save new files directly from Microsoft Office .

FOR 60% OF THE LARGEST ORGANIZATIONS, THE POTENTIAL IMPACT OF LEAKING CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION would be high, and for 13% it would be “disastrous.” (Source: AIIM 2011 - Capitalizing on Content: A Compelling ROI for Change)

Share, Collect & Deliver your clients file in a Secure Environment

  • Distribute documents
  • Batch print and distribute financial statements to clients
  • Bulk Email : Send email to the 50+ clients with their published documents using customized template and mail merge option.
  • Secure DMS
  • Detailed audit trail: A tracking system that clearly identifies the original dates the images were captured into the DMS as well as user access to files and dates of any changes made to a file..
  • Robust retention policy: Ability to time-stamp each file and date for required period of retention.
  • Data encryption:256-bit AES encryption is recommended when data is being transmitted to users and should also be utilized to protect data at rest on servers.
  • Routine Backup:Redundant backup copies kept in secure data centers.
  • Role-based security:User-based permissions to limit access. Administrator can control access to all files, including the ability to restrict access to any file from any workstation by a specific employee or group of employees..

Incredible Features

 Document centralization DOCUMENT CENTRALIZATION
 Version control VERSION CONTROL
 Power search POWER SEARCH
 Document security DOCUMENT SECURITY
 Collaboration COLLABORATION
Audit trial history AUDIT TRIAL HISTORY
 Mobile & web access MOBILE & WEB ACCESS
 Pdf editing PDF EDITING
 Custom reports CUSTOM REPORTS
 Digital signatures DIGITAL SIGNATURES
 Records retention RECORDS RETENTION
 Excel editing EXCEL EDITING