Smart Exemption Certificate Management & Intuitive Reporting

Reduce the Non-Taxed Audit Liability with our one-of-a-kind ECM (Exemption Certificate Management) application. Manage and streamline the recurring process of Exemption Certificate Lifecycle through your web browser to Gather, Authenticate, Organize, Track and Retrieve Certificates. Also, our intuitive reports provide actionable insights.

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SALT Exempto

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Why Do You Need the SALT Exempto?

  • Failure to manage Sales Tax Exemption could cost big.
  • Identify Missing, Invalid or Expired Certificates with a click.
  • Ensuring Accurate Collection of Exemption Data.
  • Save Time. Time is Money!
  • Manage Multiple-States’ tax exemption with ease.

Every document is secured with full audit log and 256-bit encryption.


Cloud, hybrid and on-premises deployment options


Adheres to laws and protects your documents from repudiation.

Open & Extensible

We understand every business is different and provide hundreds of out-of-box connectors for common applications.



Certificate Collection

ECM sends automatic notification via batch emails to your customers to update your certificate database. It also sends requests for expired or near expiration certificates.


Certificate Validation

ECM Validates certificates against checklists specific to each state and updates the regulations constantly as states amend them. ECM flags customers as taxable when certificates expire or become invalid and ensures those with valid certificates are tax exempt.



ECM Summarizes all expired and invalid certificates and gets retrieves customers' list with no certificates. It provides Intuitive Reports for actionable information.


Certificate Library

Our researchers maintain the current versions of certificate forms. Receive automatic alerts on regulation changes and on stored certificates’ expiration date.



ECM Protects your data with 128-bit encryption and takes regular backup. The entire data stored in state-of-the-art data centers for you to own and retrieve data anytime.